English Mondays

Dear ENGLISH MONDAYS chums. It's with great pleasure that we announce the next ENGLISH MONDAYS on the 24th of April. However, it's also with a little tear in our eyes. Not only will the next ENGLISH MONDAYS be the last of the season, it will also be the last... ever!!! So we thought we'd better go out with a bang and by Jove, we think we will. Not only will we have the usual tomfoolery with Noëmi Steffen and Jesse Inman, crisps, tea and beer, we're extremely happy to have with us Petra Pandora Freimund and Owen Clark. They'll be presenting a work in progress of their show which will be presented as part of the „Land of scoundrels“ project in June in London at the Rich Mix Theatre, in response to the anniversary of the Russian Revolution 1927 - and the current uncertain political times.
Also the extraordinarily talented and wonderful Bryan Benner & the Pool boys will be playing a live gig!!! Here's a perfectly apt description of what they do!
First and foremost, Bryan Benner and the Pool Boys are a bright light, burning and shining with love in music. The songs of American singer/songwriter Bryan Benner are joyfully arranged for guitar, double-bass (Sebastian Küberl), and cornet (Christof Zellhofer) in a way that fills the listener with hope and elation. Greedily stealing ideas from all genres and time periods, Bryan Benner and the Pool Boys celebrate mankind with its many foibles and virtues. Ecstatic dance, tearful ballads and sexy grooves make up only a part of the rich, colorful and completely original program these three outstanding musicians have to offer.
Here's their website, take a look!
And last but by no means least Schauspielhaus Wiens wonderful and unique graphic designer and illustrator Giovanna Bolliger will be joining us for the evening and will be creating live, projected artworks inspired by the evenings events!

Noëmi Steffen & Jesse Inman are consistently celebrating English language culture with ENGLISH MONDAYS: staged readings of contemporary plays, recent short stories, emerging comedy, live Skype concerts from the island... accompanied by tea, cider, crisps & Guinness. ENGLISH MONDAYS is a performance and meeting location for expats and other friends of Anglo-Saxon culture and offers the opportunity to meet new, little-known artists in an intimate setting. For example last year there were actor and musician Dylan Tighe from Dublin or Welsh author Thomas Morris, as well as director and author Dick Walsh and musician Derrick Devine. Noëmi Steffen, born in Switzerland, living in Dublin, and Jesse Inman, ensemble member of Schauspielhaus with English roots, are the hosts of this English language evening in collaboration with guests from Ireland and Great Britain.